Monday, December 4, 2006

The lifeblood of an online business is the visitor traffic. More visitors equal more sales. However, here are some ways that you can tweak your sites with to improve sales without the need to get more visitors.

The first method is to weave in your personal touch in your sales message. Nobody wants to be sold to by a total stranger, but many people will buy what their close friends recommend to them. If you can convince your audience that you are a personal friend who has their best interest at heart, they will be convinced to buy your products. Remember to speak to an individual in your sales letter, not to your whole audience.
The second method is to publish testimonials and comments from your customers. A good idea would be to publish both good and bad comments; that way prospects will be really convinced that these testimonials are real. When prospects see testimonials on your website, they will have the confidence to buy from you because human beings follow the herd mentality; when others have bought and proven it authentic, they will jump on the bandwagon and buy too.

Use visual representations for the problems and solutions that your product offers. Not everyone will read your text copy from the head to the tail, but most people will pay attention to images on your website. Offer quality bonuses to accompany the product. When you offer bonuses that complement your product, your prospects will feel it's a very good deal and it would be stupid to miss it. Be sure to state the monetary value of your bonuses so that people will be even more compelled to grab your good bargain.

Lastly, ask for the sale! Many people entice their prospects with the benefits of their product, sell to them with stories of how it has solved many problems, even offered killer bonuses but forget to ask for the sale. Give a clear instruction on how to buy your product (e.g. "click the button to buy now!").

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Choose a Product


It would have been easier to establish online presence for an existing business, rather than setting up new online business from scratch.

Any veteran internet marketer will tell you that the first step towards attaining online wealth is to find a hungry market, or a niche, if you will. A hungry market is almost always profitable, given the great demand for appropriate products, as well as the virtual absence of competing enterprises servicing the said segment.

Once you have selected a profitable niche, it’s time to think about what product you could offer. Products are the items you could sell. They are the ones that will ultimately deliver some profits for you.Business is all about selling something, after all. You have to offer something to get another thing in return.

Here are the more popular items you could sell online:

  • Tangible goods. You could also sell physical items. However, you have to bear in mind that such requires storage space (which can become problematic if you’re planning to sell high quantities of different products) and shipping charges (which can be a drag when it comes to really large items).
  • Traditional information products. These include eBooks, special reports and even articles. They are excellent choices because all you really need is information and the writing skills to put them down in writing. The best way to convey information is through the written word. Also, traditional information products are capable of being delivered digitally. You won’t have to worry about shipping costs and storage space. Everything would be stored in your hard drive, and you just have to retrieve the same whenever someone purchases what you have to offer.
  • Non-traditional information products. With the many things made possible by the internet, a lot of possible vehicles for information have also popped up. Products like video lectures,audio lessons, and podcasts have become prominent items thathave proven to be hot sellers. Non-traditional information products are not limited to these choices, however. You could always come up with something new. The limit is your imagination.

You’re not only limited to products, however. You could also sell your services online. Here are some examples of the kinds of services you could offer to prospective clients:

  • Consultancy
  • Web design
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) advise
  • Graphic design
  • Data encoding
  • Ghostwriting
  • Copywriting
  • Customer service handling
  • And last but certainly not least, Affiliate marketing

This requires appropriate skills. If you’re good with writing, then you could most certainly find a lot of clients who would hire your services for a fee. If you’re good with web design, you could be employed by some webmasters who are in need of good websites.

Choosing the right products or services to sell would depend on a few considerations. Let’s take a look at them.

  • What product or service is most appropriate for your target market? What do the people in the said market need? What do they want? What product is most accessible for them?
  • What product or service will you be able to offer? Some products require financial investments. Do you have the budget to pursue such? Or would you be better off in creating a product that requires little financial demands? Services require certain degrees of skills. Do you have those skills?
  • What product do you think will be able to sustain profit for a long period of time? The length of the earning potential, or the market life, of the said product should be enough to reap great earnings for you. Profit, after all, is the bottom line for every business.

Once these considerations have been satisfied, you could safely say that you have found the right product for the business you want to pursue.

Online Risks


Even though the Internet lowers the cost and risk of establishing your global business, this never means that it is totally risk-free. Building an online business does require work and capital to make it successful.

In addition, by opening up your business to the world, there are possibilities of cyber crooks and criminals that may lurk around to wait for the slightest opportunity to scam you, cheat you, steal your confidential customer database, or even hack your website! You’ve heard of how online criminals cheated Paypal members by sending spam mail asking those unsuspecting individuals to login to a cloned Paypal website phishing their login credentials? Beware!

As with any other business venture, you must do your homework. Research the potential risk and reward of bringing your business online. Once you’re convinced that the reward potential outweighs the risk then only you can confidently move your right foot forward.

Online Presence


If you already have an offline business, you should consider establishing an online presence “But mine is just a small business,” you might say. Though such a reply is expected, it is seldom justified with facts. The truth of the matter is, even if your business is not big enough to warrant a Fortune 1000 citation, it will greatly benefit from all the advantages that the World Wide Web can offer.

Let us take a look at 10 compelling reasons why you should avail yourself of a well-positioned web presence in this the digital age :

  1. The world – the ENTIRE world – can become your market. Indeed, whatever audience you’re catering to right now would fall pale in comparison to the global market that the Internet can open up for you. Imagine taking potential orders from people, unbounded by geographic borders and restrictive economic systems.
  2. Your products can be exposed to millions people who are online at any given time. All of these people are your potential customers, and all of them can possibly get to know about your products.
  3. Increase your sales. Since you will be catering to more prospects, the chances of bagging a sale or a deal would be better. It’s a numbers game, and you will be turning things to your favor.
  4. Market your goods or services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your website can become your digital store that will operate on autopilot. You could log off the Internet, and your website can still promote your products, process payments, instantly deliver items, and even take care of some post sales concerns. No need to hire human assistants whom you have to pay some overtime and night shift differential salaries.
  5. Add to the professional reputation of your business. Establishing web presence, especially with a sleek, easily navigable, and professional-looking website, would greatly help build your brand and increase costumer confidence.
  6. Delivery is no longer a problem. The advent of the Internet has totally revolutionized the way courier services conduct their business. Nowadays, they could deliver items to the farthest corners of the Earth. You won’t have to worry about the location of your customers. Anything, and we do mean ANYTHING, can now be delivered right in front of their doorsteps.
  7. Convenient payment processing options. You don’t have to settle for checks or money orders that take some time to mature, though they will always remain as options. There are a lot of merchant accounts available that would allow you to process credit card payments instantly, and the funds you willreceive can be transferred to your bank account.
  8. Security is no longer a major concern. With SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encoding, you could protect your transaction pages against unwanted intrusions.
  9. A lot of marketing tactics can be availed of for free in the World Wide Web. Strategies like viral marketing, article marketing, forum marketing, membership marketing and the likes often require no financial investment, or at the very least, a minimal amount to get you started. The results they promise, however, are quite amazing.
  10. Correspondence with your prospects as well as your existing customers would be made easy. Digital delivery of messages is instantaneous; you will receive them the moment that they are sent!

Though change can bring about a lot of uncertainties, especially in business, it should not be outright dismissed. Establishing a web presence, regardless of the size of your business, can only offer a world of benefits.